03 Aug, 15

HEPATITIS B is a contagious Liver disease which is caused by the infection of HBV virus. At first, infected person develops acute infection with mild illness which can progress to chronic infection which can lead to Liver cirrhosis, Liver cancer and sometime death.
SYMPTOMS: Loss of appetite, fever, pains of muscles, joint and stomach diarrhea, vomiting and dark urine.
SPREAD: when blood, semen, vaginal fluid, sweat of infected person enters your body by either of these; sexual contact or work related. The virus can live on the object and is contagious for 7 days or more and even in dried form. So even if you do not see the blood, semen or other body fluid that could be virus on the object.
Hepatitis B is 100 times more contagious than HIV
Hepatitis B if not treated can lead to Liver cirrhosis and Liver damage
19 million Nigerians are infected by Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B can be prevented in 98 to 100 % of patient
Hepatitis B prevention is very safe and affordable
You need 3 doses for life time protection against Hepatitis B