Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Bi-Annual Programme Implementation Report (October 2009 to March 2010)
20 May, 10



Yakubu Gowon Centre is a Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund (GF) malaria rounds 4 and 8 grants with the mandate to implement in 18 states and 19 states respectively. The aim of the entire program is to reduce by 50% the Malaria disease burden in Nigeria by the end of the year 2010 using effective control strategies.

As round 4 Grant terminates in June 2010, round 8 Grant commenced on the 1st November 2009 thus running concomitantly for 3 quarters. The R8 is focusing on some  key  service delivery areas namely Treatment of fever/malaria in children under 5 using ACTs; Distribution of LLINs to population at risk of malaria; providing supportive environment through training of health workers, monitoring and supervision; Creating demand for malaria commodity and services through advocacy and BCC.

The importance of M&E as the epicenter and platform to the success of any programme must be underscored. It is in view of this that, YGC initiated the process of strengthening of its M&E department by employing an M&E Manager, Zonal Coordinators (ZCs), and State Logistics Officers (SLOs). These officers have had their capacities built to effectively and efficiently monitor and evaluate YGC programme implementation at operational levels.

This is important in instituting data culture and timely interventions as well as improvement in the quality of data management for evidence based action. Additional steps were also taken to set up a system for data management, dissemination and feedback; timely and complete reporting; as well as strengthening the human and infrastructural capacity of M & E unit at the State, LGA and HFs levels. Ultimately, the M&E unit was able to achieve over 80% of the planned activities for the period, though with some major challenges.
This report covers the period from October 2009 to March 30th 2010.

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